Android 2.1 and up Android Requirement
02, May 2013 Last update
5.6M File Size

“T-REX WORLD” is unique free dinosaur multiplayer, combining Cards, Action and Arcade game elements. We took the best practices from each game group to make this Dinosaur multiplayer fighting game so exciting, adventurous and fun. Everyone (kids, teenager, even an adult) will enjoy, and get involved in this wild dinosaurs world life.

This Dinosaur Multiplayer will move you to the Jurassic times when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. In this game you'll become master of dinosaurs. Jurassic Dinosaurs will help you to collect meat, defeat enemies, defend yourself, heal the wounds and gain more experience.

In 10’Th level you will find special card “meteorite”, by destroying it, you’ll start the Apocalypse. After Apocalypse world will explode, and survive only those Dinosaur masters who will hide in “Underground Cave” till Apocalypse.


• Dinosaur Massively multiplayer online free android game
• Play with whole world players LIVE
• Wide choice of Jurassic Dinosaur cards
• 4 types of cards, each with its own strengths
• Cards development system based on your level
• Unique Dinosaur Card Power
• Worldwide player’s TOP board
• Dinosaur War Multiplayer
• Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter
• Real time android app updates
• Always play with lasts android game version
• Possibility to initiate Apocalypse to win game
• Single multiplayer version is optimized for both – android tablets and android phones
• Play on all your android devices with your family
• Pleasure of exploring Jurassic times, meet Tyrannosaurus Rex and other awesome carnivores dinosaurs.


Best 2013 Free Games:
“This is best 2013 Dinosaur android free game for download”

Appy Team:
“This Dinosaur multiplayer is awesome new APP. All APPLY TEAM like diversity of dinosaurs (Tyrannosaurus (Trex), Raptor, Titanosaurus, Brontosaurus and others Jurassic predators)”

CITV Games:
“Horrid Henry liked to play with dinosaurs; they are so crazy like him. Henry loved Tyrannosaurus and the Apocalypse, it’s in his nature.”

I Groups Games:
“Without a doubt this is the best Dino game for children. Here they can learn about the extinct dinosaurs, their names, types (carnivores, herbivores and omnivores)”.

Online Card Multiplayer:
Game engine is awesome, dinosaurs, cards, multiplayer action is very well suited to each other.


I play “Drangonplay Poker-Texas hold’em”, but I liked this game @dinosaurfan

Dinosaur brilliant! It unites a action and card games, absolutely brilliant! The controll is also very good and well balanced! @MMORPG

Good works! I’ll like this Dino game, it look like UNO, fun multiplayer. @UNO

Very happy with this game discovery, it looks like Order & Chaos Duels, Love it! @tyrannosaurus

If you like our Dinosaur Cards, Action or Arcade Multiplayer you will surely enjoy playing Jurassic “T-REX WORLD”.
If you have any ideas that can be used to improve this game, feel free to contact us.

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Overall Score 76% awesome!

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